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Strategy Realised

Strategy Realised

Strategy Execution: Agile Portfolio Management with Be Agile

No matter how well your strategy has been crafted, it means nothing if it is not robustly planned and implemented. Be Agile has built its reputation on enabling clients to realise their strategic ambitions through carefully curated lean portfolio management capabilities. We can do the same for you.
Flowing from the strategy created in the Strategy-in-Action platform, we deconstruct this strategy into portfolios of work focussed on your strategic and enabling priorities. We plan this work carefully – from 3-year plans right down to sprints and even daily stand-ups. We take the CapEx and OpEx funding established and ensure that the capacity to deliver the strategic priorities is funded. The graphic below illustrates our approach.

Risk and strategy in business

Initiatives Planning

  • Enabling Priorities
  • Horizon 1, 2 & 3 Priorities
  • Value Streams

Objectives & Key Results

  • Enterprise Performance
  • Portfolio Performance
  • Programme Performance
  • Team Performance


  • Annual Plan
  • Quarterly Plan
  • Sprint Planning
  • Integration
  • Visualisation / Kanban


  • Demand
  • Capacity
  • Capability
  • Resource Management
  • Work Management


  • Adaptive Budgeting
  • Guardrails
  • Risk Management


  • OKR Progress Reports
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Progress
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Flow