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Thriving in Disruptive Markets

Be Agile is a boutique consulting company dedicated to guiding and enabling our clients to thrive in a highly disruptive and evolving world. We partner with organizations to develop clear, cohesive, actionable, and adaptive strategies that drive accelerated innovation and reduce time to market. Our deep expertise in adaptive portfolio management and frictionless delivery, combined with your leadership, talent, and technical capabilities, ensures the delivery of high-impact results.

To achieve this, we developed the IMPACT™ Framework. This framework equips organizations with adaptive strategies and seamless execution capabilities, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently to change. By leveraging the strengths of leadership, talent, and technology, the IMPACT™ Framework accelerates innovation and time to market, ensuring organizations achieve significant results even in rapidly evolving and disruptive markets.

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Our Clients


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Understanding our Mission, Vision, and Values is vital as they guide our actions, inspire our endeavors, and shape our identity, fostering alignment and purpose.


To empower organisations with adaptive strategies and seamless delivery capabilities, enabling them to innovate rapidly and achieve high-impact results in dynamic markets through our expertise and the IMPACT™ Framework.


To be the leading consultancy that transforms organisations into agile, resilient, and innovative entities capable of thriving in an ever-evolving and disruptive world.


We prioritise client success, foster innovation, embrace adaptability, and uphold integrity. Our commitment to excellence and collaboration drives us to deliver impactful solutions and create lasting value for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Expertise for Navigating Disruptive Markets

Choose us for our unparalleled expertise in navigating disruptive markets. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to guiding your organisation toward success through innovative strategies and seamless execution. With a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a commitment to client satisfaction, we deliver measurable results that drive growth and resilience in an ever-changing landscape. Trust us to be your partner in achieving lasting success.

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Myles Hopkins

Myles Hopkins is a business agility influencer and leads the business agility community in Africa. He is the founder of Be Agile and has been a globally respected consultant for the past 23 years. He focuses on partnering with organisations to develop clear and actionable strategies, core adaptability and agility, and the innovative and engaged culture needed to deliver high impact results.

Johan van Lingen

Johan holds a Masters in Organisation Transformation and Industrial Psychology and is an experienced business performance and lean change consultant with over 30 years’ experience in business strategy formulation, transformation change/culture management and end-to-end human capital processes and practices

Our Thought Leaders

Our thought leaders are innovative, knowledgeable individuals driving change and shaping the future of our organization.

We won the World Agility Forum Award for 2020 and 2021

We are the first and only partner for Lewrick & Company in Sub-Saharan Africa

We are the leading partner in Africa for GBTEC

We are the only Gold Partner for House of Business Architecture (HOBA) globally

We are the only Global Master Trainers for Strategy Tools in Africa

We are the first and only African Accredited Delivery Partner for the Agile Business Consortium

We are the first and only partner for SmartKatch in Sub-Saharan Africa

We are the only African partner for TomorrowX

We are the first and only partner for the Strategy-in-Action programme

We are the only African partner for Nividous